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Service Delivery Specialist

SP Moving offers a delivery service tailored to its clients, and this question of whether an individual or a company. Our professionnal team will deliver your equipement for you. You'll be sure to get courteous, fast and efficient service.

We are able to deliver :

  • Furnitures;
  • Appliances;
  • Sets of cabinets (kitchen, bathroom, etc.);
  • Doors and windows;
  • Carpet;
  • Others.

Pick-up service

We are also able to offer business a pick-up service. Thus, any company sourcing materials and products in other major urban centers of Quebec and Ontario can use our services. However, we wish to warn you that our company does not deliver goods requiring the use of a forklift.

Service redevelopment

This type of service is mainly to office workers. So if you need help to redevelop your premises for various reasons (renovations, new equipment, change the existing provision of furniture, etc.). Our team will be happy to help, whether for:

  • rearrange your local travel desks ;
  • filing cabinets, tables, etc. ;
  • store equipment ;
  • And so on

Our team has all the equipment needed to perform the work safely and without risk of damage.

Storage service

We have an internal storage capacity exceeds most or our competitors. Our facilities are constantly maintained at a temperature ranging between 19C and 23C , and we use a ventilation system and uniform heating through the floors.

You are thus assured that your assets will be free of any trace of moisture can damage your property. You can store peacefully in your important documents, avanced technological equipment and electronic or any other article requiring special care.

Quai de débarquement Moreover, with its loading dock, our warehouse is the ideal soluation for any company with delivery trucks. That is why SP Moving rose ahead in terms of warehouses.

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